Saturday, August 11, 2018

Conversation with Jamba

This is the conversation with my daughter that I have written on April 27, 2017 which I failed to post. So here it is, for the amusement of my daughter when she reads it when she outgrows me:

Every day when I and Jamba have a conversation, jamba comes up with very interesting and funny moments with her friends. Like this one

Jamba: Mom, when I told my friend that correct way to spell chi in dzongkha is “gaw cha gi gu chi ga…chi” but they say if it is the way how it is spelled then it should be pronounced as “gaw chi” not “chi”

Me: Well, I think your friend should ask their teachers to confirm if they don’t believe you. And the way you are spelling is correct because I know your teacher will agree with me.

Jamba: Since grownups know better than kids, I think I will trust you and my teacher. We shouldn’t trust Kids, since they don’t know anything right?

Me: Well, grownups don’t know everything and it is not necessary that kids will not know stuff. Some kids do know things better than us.

Jamba: So we shouldn’t trust grownups all the time?

Me: I think you are right……(grin)

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