Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why Mothers are hard workers

I wanted to write about “why mothers are hard workers” before but only today I could actually pen it down. By this statement, I don’t mean to say that others, who are not mothers, are not hard workers. Neither did I do any kind of research nor did I compare myself with others. It is based purely on me, before and after becoming a mother.
There is no denying that a woman’s responsibilities get huge after becoming a parent. Of course a father’s responsibilities increases depending on the kind of person he is. (I am thankful that my husband takes his responsibilities very whole heartedly).
It is amazing how little 24 hours is and yet how much we do in that 24 hours. My typical day starts with my daughter and ends with my daughter and in between I do a whole lot of things. It includes, cooking, washing, cleaning, studying, assignments and going to the University. Most people fear how it would be like to be a mother and a student but to be honest it is not that messy as we imagine. If you can’t believe, my exam results are way better than last semester’s when my daughter was not with me. I must say I am a proud mother and if my mother was still alive I am sure she would stand proud as well.

What I believe and I always tell my husband is that I do things more efficiently when my family is with me. I don’t postpone work because I know I have to have a quality time with my family. By which I mean, when I study, I really do study. Same with other work too. I guess I manage time properly now than I used to before. I have completed my assignments on time and never missed my meetings. Of course there were a lot of efforts my other half as well. Without him, I would be a hopeless mother and a lousy student. And I am a hard worker and I believe every mother is.


  1. A nice post. You really are a hard working mother it seems. Nice to read about your perspective here. :)

  2. This is inspiring indeed. Keep going and hope your daughter will translate well all your hopes, prayers and hard work.

  3. I agree to the point you mentioned. Keep moving anyways. Good Luck