Friday, September 2, 2011

Who inspires me

16th September, 2010
I am amazed at how this life cycle works for all of us. I look on to myself and I am sure I cannot be happier if I am not born this way. Now, I do wish, sometimes, to be wishful but every time this wishful things comes to my mind, I think of my colleague at work, who inspire me to be happy with what I am, everyday. I am not going to say much about him not because he doesn’t deserved to be praised but I lack the skills of describing him. I do know him personally, and that’s the reason he inspires me to everything I do in life. He lost both of his hands when he was a young boy of the reason I dare not ask (at least that’s what I heard; I never had the guts to ask him). When I met him for the first time, my heart went out to him. Every time I saw him, I felt very weak and I deliberately avoided his gaze. It was difficult talking to him without feeling very empathized. But later I realized how wrong I was about him. Now that I am closer to him, I know him better as a better person. I can hardly believe he is the person I used to be overwhelmed with.
Well, I am not surprised if I see him entertaining a group of people. He is cool, he is fun, he is intelligent, he works well, and he is respectable. He is the man I look up to. Though, I know it must be difficult for him too sometimes, but he has learnt over time that just crying over the corner and cursing the world about your non-well being isn’t going to work for anyone. Life has taught him many lessons which me and the like fail to understand. Despite the things life has given him, he has accepted life gracefully with a smile.

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