Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Twenty Eighth Birthday

As usual Bank of Bhutan was first to wish me on my birthday, followed by RICBL. Thanks to my insurance policy and my bank account, they know my birthday. My husband, Sonam Tashi, come from very conventional Bhutanese family and hence he doesn’t have a habit of openly expressing his feelings. Though I have been friends with him for more than eight years now, I realized that only when I married him because by then my expectations over him had increased and I felt the gaps. Not to worry, my expectations have subsided now. I have learnt one thing from this relationship that if the other person can’t change, then it is best to change ourselves. Well, I have adapted well to the situation because it was absolutely normal when my husband didn’t even wish me on my birthday. Ok, to be honest, I was little sad because the very person who admits loves me doesn’t care to see me smile (a small gift would have curved my lips).

Our nanny, Maya, remembered my birthday and forced Sonam Tashi to serve me a breakfast himself (which is rare of course). He loudly announced that the breakfast is for my birthday and my birthday celebration ended there.

Not a great day to remember. :(

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