Monday, April 29, 2013

Painful Days

I was on my way back to my place from the University when I saw this picture and it instantly engulf me with tears. Only a mother could endure such pain to love and feed her child. And here I am on  the luxury of studying, leaving my only child behind with her father and make them endure the pain of separation. I could have chosen to stay with my family and somebody would have easily taken the responsibility of filling the gap by studying what I am studying now and contribute to nation. Everyone says, time heels everything but no, it is making it worst. As my child grows up, I am not there to let her hold my finger. When she speaks her first few words, I am not there to cry with joy with my husband. When she first started to pretend play, I am not there to be her playmate. I am missing out on so many precious moments that I will never encounter in my entire life. My girl will never be the same little girl again and I will never have the memories of her first steps towards growing up and I will never be able to forgive myself for doing that to my family.  


  1. awee...that was sweet aue, and at this point all i can say is "stay strong" m so sorry u r feeling so much pain...but once towlie comes to u, u all will be one happy family again...untill then...just try n hang on. Miss u

  2. Thanks Dear. I miss you all so much.