Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Hate Goodbyes

My housemate’s friends came over to Melbourne for a short vacation and stayed over at our place for couple of days. I could see the fun of reunion after seven years but I could hardly spend time with them as I had my own commitments towards study. But during their last stay I managed to sit with them and share what not things about life.  
Today we went to see them off to airport and I could hardly hold back my tears as the memories of leaving my family behind flashed back. When we saw the airport we wished if we were going back home to our loved ones and bid farewell to Melbourne goodbye forever. Goodbyes are always painful and probably it is one of the hardest thing I have ever known in my life. Even though I know that we have to leave behind everything and everyone behind, it makes me sad to see someone leave. I just hate goodbyes.

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