Friday, May 31, 2013

Scary Reality

Quite recently my housemate's nephew was lost in Damthang, Haa. He was just about 5 years and found to be nowhere when his mother came back from picking firewood. The father of the family works in the armed force and has to be away for his duty most of the time. It was quite strange of him to go anywhere since he was not a type of kid who would go out and play. After days of searching him, he was found dead near a small river. Surprisingly, the search group have been in that spot before. It was a pity that they didn't see him there before. 

I have heard of a vague stories of "Tromchoe" before but never ever have I imagined that it actually happened in reality. People are taken away without his or her own knowledge. Some are released after few days or weeks, but rarely survives. I get goosebumps even when i write it. I will narrate the stories told to me.
There was son who was very pampered by his parents because he was the only child in the family. He was loved dearly by his mother and father. When he graduated from RIHS as a health assistant, he was placed in Sakteng, a lovely place in East. Since it was his first placement of his work, his father accompanied him since there wasn't road during those days. While the father and son walked along the foot path, suddenly the son ran without saying anything. His father called him back but he sped fast and within few minutes the father lost the son. He was nowhere to be seen but little further the father saw only the clothes of the son. People searched for him for days and weeks but no one found him. When the parents sought help from the Oracle to predict what actually happened, they were said that the boy saw a bull chasing him and he had to run. 
Some people say they sometime see him in forest, all of his body covered with moss and he hides when he sees people. 

Isn't it strange and scary? This story is haunting me. What is this or who is this? A big question mark???


  1. Wow this is sad. I try to warn my boyfriend about this to not be caught up in false sense of security of a "good location" to raise children. Children being abducted can happen anywhere.