Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Storm is finally coming to an End.

The worst days are coming to an end soon. The best thing about this storm is that we learnt how difficult it is to stay away from each other. Our love grew stronger and we knew that we can’t live without the presence of each other. There was never a day when I didn’t cry thinking about my family back at home. The simple thing in life brought tears in my eyes, the simple writings touched me and the quotes on life seem very true to our life. The lyrics of songs made more sense and feel that some of the songs are just made for us.  When I see so many people around me, I feel I am the unhappy one. I feel lonely most of the time having to wander alone amongst the midst of strangers. It is like a darkness has befallen on me. I wonder sometimes, is this some kind of hell? Because hell can be anywhere. I feel more sad when I think of death and the little time we have with us and we are already living apart. I don’t want our daughter to feel the absence of me or her father. I regret having induced such kind of situation in our life. But as days pass, I keep my fingers crossed and keep on counting days for my reunion with my family. 


  1. I wish you very best of luck. I am very sure your daughter and husband will be too counting down the arrival of their special one. I am so happy for you .