Friday, June 7, 2013

Crazy Things During Exam Time

I have posted this question on my Facebook status: What is the craziest thing you do during your exam preparation time? Because I always have this weirdest ideas of having to do so many things on this particular period. I look forward to taking a break from the study time and spend time on those things. Things like I am doing it right now. Like blogging is more important than studying at this hour. Or things like watching Michele Phan's videos on makeup tutorials. For god sake, I don't even do make up. Or or watch the top 100 billboard from last week. Or watch news,  I hardly have time for that when I am free.

Lately I am obsessed with the itch to clean my house because suddenly it is screaming for my attention. Hopefully, this feeling wont go away once my exams are over. Excitedly waiting for the exams to be over. Believe it or not, I am still feeling like a high school girl only this time I have a god sent husband and a beautiful daughter by my side. Smile.


  1. It happens, doesn't it? After exam, you will not do any of them, or might do just one or two of them. I think this happens because during exam, we are particularly attentive and our senses are more alive than the normal days. Anyway, good luck. Just got wireless connection at home -- letting you know that we are now more available online (wink).

  2. I agree with you. Right now I have so many things listed out to do after the exams are over. :)

  3. Haha. And as boys back in school, we used to play many games and sports - the ones we didn't even think of before exams - as soon as the exams began. I don't understand this paradox. :)