Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter Program at Home

Those who have tried to create winter program at home, please raise your hands.  The one thing that I have always found missing in our country is the comfort of a working parents. I know becoming parent is an individual choice and we could have easily chosen not to have kids but population and future employee is also a concern for a country as a whole. People these days have one or two kids and I see that as a grave danger to our future job market. Of course I am no analyst to be saying this.
But coming back to my original thoughts on working couple and their difficult times in managing kids, I think something should be done about it. I mean, what good is the child care if it chooses to close at 1 in the afternoon and completely shut down during the winter? It is not like all parents are teacher to avail three months vacation in winter. And there are some people who are unfortunate (or should I say paying our bad karmic fate) not to have our parents babysitting our children.
So, in my desperate attempt to entertain or to keep Jamba away from electronics, I have resorted to paper crafts, reading books, painting, writing and listening to music. Jamba is only 4 and so she cannot read or write on her own and hence my 100% involvement is required at all times.
I will share some of the outcomes of my winter program and believe me if some of these pictures become popular, I am going to run a winter program, right at my home, annually. Joke aside; seriously someone should already start thinking about it.
Forgive me about my crappy photography skills but here it goes nonetheless:

This is our sheep. Jamba painted its leg and head and I did the eyes. It is super easy and added bonus, Jamba loved it.  

This pig will make your tummy turn, just by laughing. Its mouth came out like that because we tried to mix red and white to make it pink and for some reason, it didn’t turn out pink. The important thing is it does look a bit similar to pig.

  The next project is quite interesting because every month we dispose off about 30 numbers of toilet paper roll and what a waste it is to throw which will neither rot nor stink. So, come meet the minions of our family. The petty thing about this minion is that it does not budge. 

Well, I will stop here before you get too excited. In my next blog, I will share some of the beautiful writings that Jamba learnt over the holidays. 

P.S.: You all are free to use my ideas. No copyright whatsoever.

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