Monday, January 18, 2016

Life Does Not Always Give What We Want

Come to think about it. Life does not always give what we want. Or is it we do not want what life gives to us? I am not a “Gee, let’s go shopping, because I am stressed out” kind of woman (it makes my husband wonder too). I do not envy a lady wearing beautiful, fashionable dress and shoes. But coming to putting on weight, I am at total loss. Believe me; I remember being this skinny, all my life.
The last blood donation campaign in my office and I wanted to donate blood. My donating blood was on a selfish motive and a win-win situation of course. I overheard someone saying, donating ones blood will cleanse our blood. I vouched for it and so I was determined to donate my blood even though I knew it would make me all woozy. I had my HB tested and I had might 13.2 units of blood and I was mighty proud. They (the people who were co-coordinating the blood donation campaign) sent me off to weight myself and my jaws dropped. I have lost 4 kilos “I-don’t-know” from the last time I weighed. They screened me out.
So I googled “how to put on weight” and also asked my friends how do they out on weight but they fired me “how do you not”. Why is life always like that? I mean why does it not happen the way we want? If only life was a wish granting machine, I would have wished myself a big washing machine because the last time I did laundry, I bruised my hands. You won’t believe it but I got bruised by doing laundry. I do not have to fall down or have someone beat me to hurt me. I realized I was that weak and wished if God can give some fats and flesh to someone who is looking for it and not the poor women who are skipping meals.
P.S: What do I do? because I am doing what I know to put on weight: eat and it is not helping me.

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