Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My angels

My two little nephews are here at my place for their vacation along with their mom. They are six and three and we call them acho and nochu. Though I come home late, I play with them as much as I can. I watch movies with them and teach them to say “wow” every time something beautiful happens or “common” to encourage a character in the cartoon movie. I teach them how to speak English in an American accent, teach them to sing a song or two. Time just flies and it is bed time before I know it. I hug the little one every time he is around me. I think I am irritating him when I cuddle him or kiss him on his soft cheek or ask him for good night kiss because he just becomes reluctant sometimes. He couldn’t deny when I sing a long “phulease…” to him. So innocent they are that I wish if every human could be like child, if I could be like them. When I am in my office I am constantly missing them, not that I sit idle and think of them but they have the way of staying right there in my heart keeping my smile on my lips. So, every time I go home after my office I thank them with big package of jelly belly and help them finish it also. Kids are heaven sent, they are little angels without wings and they just make my day every day. Well, have one and you will know what I am talking about here. And those of you who have, I don’t think you need to read this but I don’t mind because as you do it, you will think of your angels and you will see them right there making you all smile. Yeah, that was what I was talking about. You are lucky you have them and even luckier because you value them.
P.S: I wrote this last year when the kids visited me during their vacation. They came back this year also leaving me all happy as always. Miss them so much, everyday.

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