Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Conversation with 3 YO

I remember telling you in my last post that it is ok to feel like you are the worst mom and it is alright to borrow five minutes of your time and pretend you are shitting in the toilet while you read few pages of the book that you just bought. It is alright….
I had a fight with my daughter this morning. It is a fight where I lose, every time, because 1) you are arguing with 3 YO and 2) you are arguing with 3 YO.  My dear husband is away on business for 7 months and that leaves me in craze mood because I don’t have any skill to drive. So, this morning I decided to drop my daughter off early and leave to work early because I would be driving my car, for the very first time. But my daughter had another plan. I have requested that she breakfast with Angel, our baby sitter, and also let Angel help her brush her teeth. Luckily, she finished the glass of milk (thanks to Milo) and several numbers of croissants, because she was eating it with Nuttela spread. Just as I finished showering, she came running to me proudly and exclaimed “Mom, I finished the glass of milk and the croissants.” I was like “great, now please go brush your teeth before we run late to your school.” And she responds “Happy dressing up Mama.” And this is the conversation that followed.

(She goes in the bathroom, Angel enters too.)

Angel: “Jamba, please stop doing that”

Me: “ Jamba, listen to your sister”
Jamba: “Aaaaa…”(opening her mouth)
Angel: “Jamba!....Ana, she always bites the tooth brush and never lets me brush her teeth”
Me: “Jamba, if I have to brush your teeth, we might be late”
Jamba: ”Mom……are you upset with me? are upset with me..ahhh” (wailing)
Me: “My Jamba dear does not scream at me, who is this girl screaming at me”
Jamba: “Mamamama….” (Stomping her feet)
Me: “I am sorry darling, now come here let’s get you dressed up”
Jamba: (Smiling widely) “I am trying to make you smile”
Me: “You always make me happy but you have to make others happy and smile too”
Jamba: “I am trying Mom, but it is very difficult to make everyone happy”

P.S. : My daughter is 3 years old, loves singing and dancing and always overdressed for whatever the occasion is. And just as adorable as she looks, she talks wisely too. And here, I lost my argument because so much truth echoed in her statement.

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