Monday, June 15, 2015

Swimming at Namgay Heritage

My best friend and I took our girls for a swimming today. With a debate of benefit of affordability and size of pool, we decided to hit Namgay Heritage. The girls were thrilled but too overwhelmed nonetheless. With our constant encouragement, they started kicking their legs in water and floating like star fish. My little Jamba suddenly decided to leave the pool and decided to sit on the chair left at the corner probably to sit. Bit scared, I called her to be careful. Just then a lanky man with darker complexion rushed in and started to shout at Jamba. Jamba looked scared and I was too taken back because I wasn’t sure why he was shouting. I quickly understood the typical Bhutanese way of scolding a kid when they don’t listen to their elders. I was like “if you scare my child like that, she will never visit swimming pools, let alone swim”. Obviously, the man was embarrassed and he should be. He explained to me that he didn’t want Jamba to drift off and jump in the deep pool. I literally snarled at him saying that it is not that way he should talk to a 3 year old.  I had to explain to my daughter that he was being silly by shouting at her.
Well, I thought Namgay Heritage was a popular place but the way a person worked there had little professionalism. I don’t mean to be judgmental with other better employees but I was thoroughly disappointed today. However, coming this from Bhutanese attitude, I am not very surprised. Education has done little for few lots. Let’s see what other service provider has in store for us next time. It will definitely be worthwhile to see the difference, for the price we pay to swim for an hour at best.

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