Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Discipline and Kids

When we put our daughter to Sersang School, our intention was not to put the whole responsibilities of bringing her up to the teachers. In fact my thought is that the disciplining should be entirely left upon parents, especially the spanking part, that our country is popular for. I have always requested Jamba’s teachers to let us know if there is anything that she might need to learn and that they strictly avoid spanking her. Some parents may prefer teachers to discipline their kids (well, that is what one of the teachers said) but what kind of discipline do you want kids of 3 and 4 years to learn? Though I have figured it is easier to handle them then the teenagers. And to argue, our grandfather always pointed that Adult don’t learn themselves but expect kids to do so.
Disciplining a child becomes very tough when you want your child to listen to you all the time. You lie to them. Yes please, you have heard me; most Bhutanese parents are liars. You tell them you are going to office, when you are going somewhere with your friends. You promise them you will give something special if they listen to you. You tell them Doctors will come with injection, if they eat chocolates. You scare them by saying ghost will haunt them if they don’t sleep quietly. And you expect that they will not pick these from you? Well, you be the judge dear because I spent countless night analyzing and discussing with my husband dear about the issue.
Let narrate you a story:
Once my husband called Jamba’s teacher to inform that Jamba is not well and will have to miss the class. She was quite concerned that it must have been the sun that she had to put up with during the Drills for their sports day. She was quite generous to share with us the conversation between her and my sweet daughter.  And it goes…
Jamba was feeling really hot and informed her teacher that the sun is making her sick. So, her teacher, being kind, asked her if she will sit at the back (in the shade). Jamba took literal sense of that and demanded why should she be sitting at the back and threatened that she treat her kindly because she comes to school to learn and not get treated unequally.
I am not sure how the teacher took it because my husband was talking to her and I don’t want to tell you what my thoughts were too because I want you to be a better judge for yourself.

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