Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Being Human

This post has nothing to do with what Salman Khan is doing, though I absolutely admire him for his endeavour. Nonetheless, it is somehow related in a way to his initiative of being human. And so, I can’t stop wondering, “Do we have to really prostrate, attend Rimpoche’s lectures or chant Baza Guru to gain merits”. BECAUSE. SERIOUSLY. I. AM. CONFUSED.

It is not that I don’t appreciate people who are really into religion. I really do admire them for their effort, for their consistency, for their belief, for their faith. But what I really don’t understand is how people over look small things and take it for granted. Why is it so difficult for a person to give little bit of what they have in abundance? When they can make huge offerings to whatever they are doing to gain good karmic effect in their next life, why can’t they speak gently and explain properly to illiterate? Honestly, if they can’t do these small things which, by the way, I believe is the basic guideline of Buddhism, I really don’t get how they fool themselves by believing what they do is great. Is it really them or am I just the odd person here? Seriously, have you met anyone who claims to be equal to Buddha and yet fails miserably in achieving even an inch of what ordinary human does? 

I have met ordinary people who do not have much, who do not own large assets or who barely knows how their month will end because the salary that they earn gets exhausted on its first week, but never ever have I imagined in my wildest dream that they will be the most generous ones too. Is it because they know the pain of going to bed empty stomach? What has the world come to, I do not. People are more educated but they know fewer values than people in olden days. Where elders used to advice the younger ones and less educated one, now we can least expect from these people anything. 

I have always tried to be positive, always advice positively to my co-workers, and always gave positive justifications to my siblings but this time I failed miserably, myself. I couldn’t find any possibility to think positively. I am hurt. Our people have failed in their responsibilities. I have lost respect in them. I have lost faith. And yet I have to be strong. I have to be independent. I have to show that humanity is not forever lost. I have to let at least one person know and feel that she is not alone in her fight. I will make her survive. I will make her independent. I will make her love her life and I will educate her. 

P.S: This is by far the most negative post I have ever written. I have written what I was feeling at that moment. I guess it is just a part of being human.  


  1. Dear Tashi,

    I appreciate your effort and hard work in this. I have in fact always held you in high esteem for the best role you played as the eldest sibling. I can only pray that for the tolerance and patience that you and she harbour, there will be a greater blessing.

    1. Ana, you always have the right words to say and I always wish to have patience and character like yours. I hope soon we will have reasons to smile and hopefully no drama to observe.