Friday, August 21, 2015

Things I am never good at:

As if I am done talking about things I am good at (which I haven’t figured out yet), today I am going to list down the things I am never good at. This is for me to remind myself that no matter how much I try, I will fail miserably in these departments. So here I go:

1.       I can never say “No”. Well, I would be exaggerating a bit if I say “I can never say no”, but even if I have said it few times, I have said it with difficultly, with guilt after saying it. I know it is alright to say “no” sometimes because I am not a super woman or some sort of a thing who has answer to everything, though I have tried to read as many books to be able to answer to innocent questions of my daughter. Why is it damn difficult to say No when you really don’t want to be going to visit some damned place or say no to plead for pocket money even when I have been broke half way through the month or say “uh oh” to request such as to buy an eye pencil because the last one you bought for her is lost even though you don’t remember when was the last time you owned one yourself….

2.       I am a terrible photographer and poser. But coming back to No. 1, I have never said no to those who have asked to take their pictures. Honestly, I am sure they regret asking me the minute they see their picture: the result of my poor skills. 

3.       I am a fashion disasterer (if ever there was a word like this). Seriously, I am not sure which one is wrong, my body or by sense of dressing, but I know for sure, I am a culprit for fashion police. Put me behind the bars with thousands of clothes to try it on me.  And a fashion designer for my petite body phulese…

4.       I am a poorer hair maintainer. If you have seen my post in Instagram, you will know what I am talking about. I have tried garlic, onion, hot oil, herbal hair treatment, flat- iron, anti-frizz. Ok I know I have just started doing all this. I am waiting for the miracle to happen, anytime.

5.       I speak my mind. I blurt out what is in my mind. I do not go to the extent of Jenifer Lawrence but I may sometimes top her and land up hurting people unintentionally. I promise I have molded myself since I have started working. I have taken so many criticisms positively which has helped me in so many different ways. Today, some people say I am a different person than I was yesterday, in a good way (hopefully).

The list goes on….I think there are more things that I am never good at than I thought I had, but I am hoping my other traits are tolerable compared to the ones I am listed here. I have not mentioned cooking intentionally because I am far better than my husband and I am counting it is not the thing which I am not very good at. But you should hear me sing or dance and might feel like there is more to the list…..


  1. Next time please post the things you are good at :) Nice reading Tashi! ^^

    1. Thanks Rima. It is easier to write about your bad things than good things, isn't it? But I am going to try. :)

  2. I felt Aue Tashi have written all above bad qualities for me haha... Smiled several times while going through each paragraph. I am bad: poser, photographer, planner, poor manager...In fact i am good at nothing :(
    Thanks for sharing Aue…I am looking forward to read thousand good qualities that built you to be a complete wise woman.
    Greetings From Trongsa 

    1. You flatter me when you say I am wise woman. It is amazing that I made you feel "me too" when you went through my rather rough post. Thanks a lot.

      keep on following for more. :)