Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Being Buddhist helps me a lot in keeping alive my relationship with people, especially with my husband, Sonam Tashi. I know we expect a lot from our better halves on what-not-things and we easily get hurt if it isn’t the way we want. Speaking from women’s point of view (I think I better understand my own gender better), we expect our man to be our hero. We expect Him to help us in kitchen, cook during Losar (“losar is the new year celebration in Bhutan), and take care of kids while we have girl’s night out. We expect our man to totally spoil us if not anything. On the other hand, men (not all men are same though) expect his better half to cook, do the laundry and look beautiful (well, that’s what I think, at least). However, looking carefully, that is where all the problems start because it is not happening as we thought or the way wanted. And there is where the differences starts and we don’t want to understand what he/she thinks or wants because “I” am always right.
To look at it differently, we don’t appreciate how much he/she is doing for us apart from worrying about all other little things. Though I don’t speak out much, my husband is one person who deserves appreciation for the entire thing he does. He is cute in his own little handsome way. There are times when we have our bad days but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect him for the person he is. He is and will be my best friend.
Being happy does not mean you have to have and own everything. Though Sonam earns a lot (in Bhutanese context), there are times when we hardly go out for dinner or movie or pamper ourselves with unwanted cloths and stuffs. And we laugh at our poorness. But that does not limit my dear husband to make huge donations and that is where all our income goes. Sometimes, our source of income is booked in advance as to which loop-hole it has to be take care of.
He is a kind of man I have always wanted to spend my entire life with. Giving away in cash and kinds is his hobby (well, that’s what I think). His wardrobe is almost empty because of his kindness and because we couldn’t afford to go for shopping. But that does not mean we haven’t been paying taxes, rents and our relatives the pocket money. It simply means we are happy the way we are.


  1. We can see your happiness in real and we are happy for you. You are right, we never wanted rich men, we wanted good men. Am glad you have accepted him for who he is and have learnt to respect the good man he is. Even if you have nothing but the right person, life is at its best.

    Good wishes.

  2. Good one ...Keep up the spirit...All the best in your future endeavors...

  3. @ Luzee, Well, I guess I am just being me. I hate the idea of being rich and having all the problem which i don't have right now.

    @Vikash, Thanks dear.

  4. well written aue...i hope aue carlos saw wat u wrote for him :)

  5. Well, he is super duper busy to do anything keep aside reading my not so interesting blog. :(