Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My darling little girl

My daring little baby girl is just over 9 months now. As she is growing up, I feel that she is moving away from me and soon she will have a life of her own which she will decide on how to live herself. The day she came to my arms for the very first time, I can never have that feeling again. And she will never be that small and little again. But as she is growing, she has a knack of making me smile with my heart content that she is a girl who made me a mom and makes me feel lucky in every sense. No one change that fact, the day she was in my tummy, I was her momsie dear. I still remember the dark damp jet black hair and rosy cheeks, the shrill cry of not knowing how to suckle the breast milk. Oh. It makes me feel so relieved that I have her as my baby girl.
She has started crawling and standing up (with a support) altogether. Her front cutting teeth has cut through with a week of fever and continues diarrhea. We Bhutanese believe that with every milestone of a child’s growth, baby falls sick which I believe is true because my little one has gone through the same stages.
She has also started blabbering gibberish things which we don’t understand but make her say it again and again. She shrieks “otha” and so many others if she is excited or wants to go out. She directs her gaze to TV and Wall clock when we ask her where it is. She looks so adorable with her curly hair and fair skin that I want to hold her so tight in my arms. I am glad I am a mother and a mother of a baby girl who is so cute and adorable.

This is picture which I took when she was little more than 9 month at our home. She looks so adorable in her white top. Her curly hair matches her complexion. She is holding my 19th century Nokia phone, which she likes to put it in her mouth quite frequently. She was not well that day with fever and diarrhea and we were about to leave to Pediatrician. My sister Choki wanted to see her picture so much that I took this for her. 


  1. my toulimo looking so frigging cute...n i hope she gets well soon...muah muah muah!!