Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Project Crochet

Zamin with her Nanny Maya 

Since the winter is on its way to Bhutan, I have started thinking about warm hats, socks and neck warmers. I am always surprised at how much it cost at markets to buy the same thing which we can actually make it at home and make it far better. The first project was my little darling girl’s hat with cute ear flap but unfortunately I have chosen the wrong yarn and she hates it. The picture says it all. She doesn’t like the sight of it. So, I will choose a softer yarn next time and have it made for her. It has a mix design of single crochet and double crochet. Ana Lungten was at my place when I started it and she thought single crochet would take time. So, I started with single crochet and finished it with double. The hat in the picture looks bit twisted because Zamin wouldn’t allow us to put it on her. We didn’t have time to adjust the hat when I took this picture. I finished another ear flapped hat for Sonam Tashi’s Grandmom and she absolutely loved the design and the softness of the yarn. I didn’t take picture of the hat since I handed it over to her the moment I finished it. I am planning on making the same coloured hat for the family once I get time to get to town and bring the bestest yarn. Wait till I post it here. 


  1. Ha-ha. Look at Zamin's expression! Didn't I say that yarn pokes?

    But the design is good. Make some warm booties and muffler, kids look extra warm in them.

  2. You are right about that yarn. Ha-ha.