Saturday, October 20, 2012

Letter from my Brother

I was tremendously feeling low and wrote a long mail to my little brother. This is the response I got from him which made me more proud than I ever was.

hi Ana,
I can understand what you all are going through and we should know that in life things doesn't go the way we want it to be, yet we got to hold on to it and have patients. I also know that people come and go in your small sweet home but you should be proud and have pride that you are able to help them. Being a wife to Sonam Tashi you too have the duty and responsibilities for his family too. Just don't loss your head and be strong dear. i know that you have greater burden to carry for us, here i will study hard and hopefully i hope that one day i will be able to ease your burden and relive you with some of the responsibilities. Apart from all other things i do here i always have my primary responsibilities in my mind.
Things are tough right now dear, things will get well sooner or later. From here i wish that i could do better things than feeling helpless but i can't, but some day i hope i will be able to make you proud. 
For now have faith, trust your husband and be a good helping hand for him. I know that you are doing it already, still than don't let all those thoughts hunt you, don't let your heart to be heavy, and don't let yourself feel low. chin up, smile always and be happy. Know that we are proud of you. You have been the mother to us and I LOVE YOU. 
Till than take care and keep smiling and don't let things like that affect your mood and ya don't think too much nadu mo. See Ya soon and missing you all. 
with lots love
Tshering Dorji.  


  1. awee....m sure u got comfort in that sweet letter aue, n yes, cheer up ^_^

  2. indeed, i got great comfort but felt embarrassed that my brother knows world better than me.

  3. We need such reminders to remind ourselves that we are not as bad as we think. I am glad you have a good support team and they are so proud of you. Keep the ball rolling Tashi, you are doing super great!

  4. Thanks Ana. I do have a best team to remind me of the things that I am capable of doing and maintaining the equilibrium in life.