Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Struggling to be Positive, Daily.

Sonam Tashi complained, one night, that I am becoming negative. I took his comment very negatively and snapped back by telling him that he has become judgmental. But his feedback took me hours to go to sleep, reflecting when and how I picked up this habit. It is easier to be negative and never know that it is part of your life but the task is Hercules, when it comes to train yourself to look for positive aspects of life. Negative is contagious as mentioned in the article “6 ways to be positive in any situation – www.thinksimplenow.com”

Being positive is the choice we can make. Last night, I completely drowned myself to self pity because I was not feeling well and Sonam Tashi didn’t even care. I came to office without speaking a word to him. And to make the matter worse, he left to his site without dropping me off to work. I was so pissed that I sworn I will make him regret. But meanwhile, I was making it hard on myself, feeling sad, feeling unhappy and feeling so remorseful looking at myself. Why am I doing it when Sonam Tashi doesn’t have a clue on what is running in my mind? Why am I being so ridiculous, when I can make things better for myself and for everyone?

I changed my prospective then. I choose to take away that negativity from my mind because who knows how long I am to live. I might die tomorrow without apologizing to the people I love and care. I thought I am not going to let negativity rule my life. I went home feeling very light hearted and happy. Try it yourself, it works wonder.

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