Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Disappointment

Dechen is a very simple girl. She would smile though she had many reasons not to. She created an atmosphere of comfort, simplicity and trust. She would do anything to help others for she thought if she didn't she wouldn't be any different from other people. The thought always gave her enough strength to look at the face of people who had hurt her parents and in a way hurt her too. She wanted to forget the things that had happened yet it keeps on popping up. She thought it might have been far better if He, her dad's adopted son, has hurt her instead of her dad. 
Her dad gave anything but didn't give up giving him education despite his poor brain. He flunked in many grades, yet her dad kept on moving. Finally he completed his tenth grade but helplessly he had to be sent to India for he couldn't qualify for Kanglung and there were no private colleges during His time. Her dad merely earned a month's salary only to be sent away to his Son. Yet Dechen didn't mind because all she wanted was her dad to be happy and she was content that he was. She would read the letter sent by Him asking for more money. He would write that Dad was His God Father and He owes him more than his real dad. Touched by His letter, her dad would send more money every month.
Finally a day arrived; he waved the tassel wearing his graduation gown. He was so happy that he forgot to turn his back, to hold the hands of the one who always had lend to him, and failed to see the tears in the eyes of the one who always wanted to brush His tears away. He galloped lost in His selfish reasons. Dechen's dad suffered an unknown disease. Sometimes Dechen could feel the pain in her dad's eyes, the pain of betrayal, and the pain of abandonment by his loved son, though he prayed for his wellness. This only made Dechen dislike her so-called brother more. But her dad has taught her that if she disliked him so much than she wouldn't be any different from Him. The very thought of being similar to Him makes her feel weak from inside. But every dog has its own day and deep inside Dechen's heart she still remembers the pain in her dad's eyes and thought she will never forgive Him.
(How would you feel if every time you see the person and remembers He/She is the one who had hurt your parents so much that it brought tears in their eyes?)

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