Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Darling Zamin,
You have grown up to be six months and now you know lot of things. The fake cry, the laugh to impress us, the glance you give when you think we are angry with you, it all makes me wonder, how much happiness you have given me. When I first knew you are growing inside me, I only thought if we are matured or responsible enough to raise you. But when you came into our life, you only made it easier. It added joys to everything we did. I still remember how nostalgic your father was when we first arrived at home with you in his arms. The excitement in your dad’s face is picture perfect. We knew that time that we have been always ready to have baby.
As you grow up you are looking more like your dad. And I wouldn’t mind if you have his character. You will come to realize as you grow up how generous your dad is. I have learnt to appreciate his generosity more as we spend more time together. We consider you very lucky, for one reason for getting the best baby sitter. She is more like a god send sister to me and you than just a baby sitter. We wouldn’t be able to repay her selflessness in any life. You will have to keep this in mind.
I have to say, with your coming to our life, your aunt cheche has also become engaged with you and let’s say she is mended that way. You should remember that she also changed your diaper. Hehe.
Talking of changing diapers, I still remember when we were in hospital how much enthusiastic your dad was at doing laundry. That was the first time ever I saw him so eager. 

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