Thursday, May 17, 2012

Her Other Story

I brushed away my tears as I listened to a grandmother narrating the story. She was speaking of a very beautiful and kind lady. I wondered why the lady was called back so soon by God. Perhaps she had better things to do; I consoled myself and continued listening to her. She continued narrating as she recalled back the olden days.

"She lived with her aunt before she married. She was made to toil very hard every day. Weaving, cooking, cleaning, washing, etc were her daily chores. She was made to do anything but she received no appreciation and love. But she was one tough lady, she never complained.

One day, a guy came into her life. Her friends persuaded her to marry the guy. Perhaps she thought that life for her might get better and she agreed to marry him. She gave birth to a girl but things started becoming worse when he started beating her every night. He came late, hungry and drunk every evening. But she lived on. She was never happy anyway, so she never complained. Her daughter gave her every reason to live her life.

Soon her husband was transferred to another place and after that I don't know what happened until I heard she passed away in a child labour. I thought it was good she passed away…."

"Why?' I choked and dabbed my eyes with a tissue paper she handed over to me. "Because her life was filled with misery," she said vehemently and sighed. "She might have had a heart problem for all the sufferings she had in her heart…" (coughs)…"but she didn't deserve it." She completed.

I don't understand how a good person like her would end up having such miserable life. The feeling pained my heart and felt like crying even more. I thought I had cried enough before but once again when I listen to this grandmother, I don't know if I have cried enough. If only she was alive, how much love I would have given her, the love she missed in her life. I would have given all the things she deserved and even more showed her how important she is in my life.

If only she was alive I would have given my first salary to her and how proud she would have been with me. And the thought made me cry even more. I know she must be living another life but I wish I had the opportunity to tell her how much I love her and now how much I am missing her. If only my father had given her the love she deserved, I wouldn't have felt like crying so much. Yes I miss her because she is my mother and I always pray to God to send her every night in my dreams……..

(I wanted to write this before but every time I started, I couldn't stop crying. But somehow today I let it out but if the story is not very touching then it only proves how much I was crying while writing this.)


  1. It's really touching. Thanks for sharing. Since you can't do anything much for her, praying for the happiness of her soul and next life is the best thing you can afford. I can feel how you dearly want her to be with you. You write well. Keep going. :)

  2. Thank Langa. The least I can do is pray for her and all the sentient being.