Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Responsibility

Sedey was brought up as a responsible child, a responsible daughter, and as a responsible sister. She now stands as a responsible working woman. Though, she had her own conditions of living her life, her prioritized aphorism was to die without hurting her parents, siblings, and friends.

But sometimes life tested her patience; at least dealing with kids did that. Her sister stays with her, not because she wanted to but she might have thought she will accompany her sister. Sedey worries about her sister, not that her sister had a bad history but she is a girl, an innocent girl. Just like any other mother, she worries about her sister too.

Her sister, unlike Sedey was an outgoing girl and sporty which made her friends to be mostly males. But the small community in which Sedey live, the words get spread like wildfire. The histories are created naturally. And she worries if her sister could easily be the victim of such history. Sedey explains to her little sister how difficult it is to sway away from the rules of society and to be different. She does everything to make her understand that she trust her, to make her to be more vigilant, to make her realize her purpose, to let her know she worry about her.

All said and done, she again hears complains against her going out with male friends. Sedey, in her own conscious could not cross the line she thought there exist. She could not tell her sister not to be friends with the male anymore when all along her sister had had maximum of male friends.

She could not make her sister change her life style, the style she had lived so far. Sedey could not be so narrow and make her sister live her way of life because she understands her sister is born in another generation. Sedey fears that if something goes wrong with her sister's life, she would be responsible for it and she wouldn't be able to forgive herself for that. Yet she doesn't want her sister to live the monotonous life of books which Sedey lived before.

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